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      Tire-Track Overview

      Tire Track Tire Scanner

      Tire-Track Brochure (PDF)

      Tire-Track FAQ

      Your cargo is valuable - whether you haul freight or a bus load of first graders.
      Make certain your cargo reaches its destination safely and on time by ensuring your fleet's tires are properly maintained and managed. Tire-Track is a fully-integrated tire identification and tracking system that helps manage your fleet's tires – to avoid tire failures, predict tire maintenance, and reduce emergency roadside repair. The complete system includes:
      • Tire-Track ID Units
      • Software
      • Handheld Scanners
      • Installation, Training, and On-going Technical Support
      The Tire-Track System captures important information for managing your fleet's tires, stores it, and communicates it in a customized report – whenever you need it.
      • Track the repair history of every tire in your fleet
      • Control tire expenses
      • Justify purchasing costs
      • Reduce average operating costs
      • Manage tire costs for an entire fleet
      • Report on the current condition of all your tires
      • Issue work orders
      • Predict tread reduction/wear rate
      • Identify your original casing after retreading
      • Formulate tire comparison reports
      How Much Do You Know About Your Tires?
      • How do you control your fleet's tire costs?
      • Do you know each tire's repair history?
      • What is the current condition of all your tires?
      • Did your original casing come back from the retread shop?

      With Tire-Track, you have the answers when you need them...before problems occur.

      Protect your tire investment
      Tires and associated service costs make up the second largest expense in a fleet's budget. Tire-Track allows you to identify the specific reason a tire needs to be serviced and record that service into the tire's history.
      Get the most out of your tires
      Tracking performance is an essential part of ensuring maximum tire life. Tracking means following a tire from cradle to grave, citing service history to tread wear. Tire-Track delivers an analysis program that helps you identify the causes for tire failure, evaluate tire performance from multiple vendors or models, and review relationships between vehicle type and tire performance.
      Tire Track

      Tire-Track System

      Tire Track Sample Patch

      The barcode is cut deeply
      into the rubber for permanent
      identification, so it cannot wear off.
      The Tire-Track ID Unit
      • Permanently bonds to new or used tire casings
      • Resists fading, staining, and will not wear off
      • Applies easily without heat or expensive tools
      The Tire-Track System starts with the Tire-Track ID Unit, a permanent label containing a unique serial number that can be read electronically. The Tire-Track ID Unit is applied to the sidewall of each tire casing, and contains an engraved barcode with corresponding eye-readable backup information. Add your company's name for fast identification, or to deter theft or substitution.
      Available Bar Codes:
      • 2D Data Matrix
      • Code 39
      • Code 128 a,b,c
      • i 2 of 5
      • PDF-417
      Tire-Track Software/Operating System
      The Tire-Track software is easy to use and installs on your existing office computer. The software utilizes the Palm OS (the standard operating system for mobile applications) that interacts with the scanning device to download data of all of the events and activities for every tire. The software interacts with the user to ensure your information is always accurate.
      Design your own Tire-Track system to fit your organization. Choose from the criteria below, or create your own:
      • User ID
      • Mileage
      • Tread Type
      • Tire Cost
      • Tire Position on the
        Vehicle/Rotation History
      • Repair History
      • Vehicle Type
      • Tire Brand Name
      • Tire Size
      • Tread Depth
      • Air Pressure
      • Location of Activity
      • Warranty Information
      Hardware Components
      Tire Track Scanner 1) Handheld Scanning Device – Reads the Tire-Track bar code on the tire and saves data. These scanning units are designed specifically for the transportation industry. Tire-Track is compatible with the latest Symbol Scanners or any handheld system supporting Palm OS v 3.0 or greater.
      2) Scanner Cradle – Imports or exports data and charges the scanner when not in use. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) can be incorporated with Tire-Track to improve the efficiency of importing and exporting data.
      Outfit your entire fleet with no downtime!
      The Tire-Track ID Unit can be applied to a new or used casing without removing the wheel or pulling the vehicle out of service. Tire-Track ID Units are not affected by the retreading process; the bond is actually improved.
      Apply the Tire-Track ID Unit just like a repair patch...No Heat Required!
      Buff the Tire  Brush on Cement  Apply Patch
      Buff the Tire Surface       Brush on Cement            Apply ID Unit
      If you'd like to learn more, please read the FAQ page, or feel free to contact us. Download the printable Tire Track Brochure. (PDF)



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