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      Extruding PRC Industrial Rubber Products, A Myers Industries Company
      Custom Rubber
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      Extruded rubber to your specifications. Our roller die extruder manufactures rubber sheets and roll goods to 1" thick and 50" wide from a single pass. A solid, homogenous, single ply sheet that is inherently more durable and resistant to delamination in service. We can formulate or modify existing compounds to meet your specific applications.
      Natural Rubber PRCNR-35
      Pure gum natural rubber for general purpose abrasion and HCL service.
      SBR PRCSBR-60
      60 Durometer synthetic compound used for pulley lagging, abrasion resistant lining, and custom fabrication.
      Neoprene/Chloroprene PRCCR-55
      A synthetic compound that is highly resistant to oils, fuels, and alkalis. For general purpose use, lagging, abrasion control, and other industrial applications.



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