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      Cement Mixing & Adhesives PRC Industrial Rubber Products, A Myers Industries Company

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      Cement Mixing & Adhesives
      We are a major producer of sealants, as well as chemical (self-vulcanizing), water based, heat curing and laminating cements. PRC has more than 50 years of experience in mixing and manufacturing adhesives.
      Fast Dry Cement
      Fast Dry Cement
      Self-Vulcanizing cement dries in less than 30 seconds and fully vulcanizes at room temperature.
         Cleaner Fluid
      Cleaner Fluid
      All-purpose cleaning fluid dissolves contaminants and lubricants.
      Chemical Vulcanizing Fluid
      Chemical Vulcanizing Cement
      All purpose chemical cement.
      Cold Patching
      Cold Patching
      A two-ply pre-vulcanized material on holland cloth used for patching rubber products without the aid of heat curing.
      Repair Sealer
      Repair Sealer
      Brush-on rubber compound repairs damaged rubber and provides a protective seal against contaminants and leaks.
      Extruder Cement
      V-10 Extruder Cement
      Versatile cement formulated for maximum green tack on hot extruded strip or die-sized rubber applications.
      Rubber Solvent
      Rubber Solvent
      High-grade solvent for thinning solvent-based products.
      Fiber Bond Cement
      Fiber Bond Cement
      A high-solid content cement for hot and cold rubber application. Excellent adhesion and tack in all humidity conditions.
      Black & Tan Putty
      Black & Tan Putty
      A two-part chemical putty for spot repairs. Mixture chemically cures at room temperature.



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