PRC - Industrial Rubber Products - Calendering & Banbury Mixing
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      PRC Industrial Rubber Products, A Myers Industries Company
      Custom Rubber
      • Calendering
        & Banbury
      • Extruding
      • Cement
        Mixing &
      • Lab
        & Testing
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      Calendering & Banbury Mixing
      Calendered rubber products are the cornerstone of our industrial rubber manufacturing business. Our in-house lab and Banbury mixer allow us to create compounds to custom-fit your application requirements, mix that compound on site, and calendar a product to your exacting specifications.

      • F270 Banbury, 600 lb. capacity

      • Standard 3 and 4-roll calendar

      • Various widths to 60"

      • Tight gauge control to .001"

      • Slit & re-roll from 1/2" to 72" wide by up to 48" diameter rolls.

      Roll & Rubber Sheet Stock   
      Rubber sheets calendered to your specifications for applications in manufacturing.
           Conveyor Repair
      Custom compounds engineered specifically for conveyor repair.
      Rubberized Fabrics
      Custom rubber calendering with fabric reinforcement for a strong, durable product.
      Communications Tapes - DR/CR
      Two-ply soft rubber tape for repairs to communication cables.



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