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      Patch Rubber Company - A Myers Industries Company
      Patch Rubber Company manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of tire and retread products for the automotive, truck, and OTR aftermarket.  The company is also a leading manufacturer of calendered and extruded rubber, rubberized fabrics, and rubber adhesives used in agricultural, communications, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.
      Located in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina, Patch Rubber Company has over 200 employees and operates from a 200,000 sq. ft. climate-controlled complex.  In 55 years, we have grown from a producer of hand-assembled tire repair patches out of rented facilities in Akron, Ohio, to a fully-integrated manufacturer with custom rubber compounding, calendering, extruding, and cement mixing capabilities.  Our in-house R&D lab, engineering and design specialists, and production staff are dedicated to continuous improvement in product quality and on-time delivery.  Recent certification to ISO 9001 quality standards supports our position for continued growth and our company mission: "Committed to Being the Best at Meeting Customers' Needs."
      Manufacturing Capabilities:

      Compound Mixing (Banbury)
      Slitting & Re-rolling
      Compression, Transfer, & Convection Curing
      Adhesive Mixing
      Adhesive Laminating
      Climate Controlled Manufacturing & Storage
      Lab Testing & Formulating

      Advanced Traffic Markings
      Advance Traffic Markings™ (ATM), a division of Patch Rubber Company, manufactures and supplies permanent and removable preformed tapes, symbols, and specialty markings used on highways, streets, parking lots, and for temporary traffic control through construction zones.  ATM also manufactures pre-cut floor markings used to identify inventory, set up boundaries, route traffic, or display safety messages.
      Myers Industries Inc.
      Patch Rubber is a Myers Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MYE) company. Myers Industries is an international manufacturer of plastic and rubber products for industrial, agricultural, automotive, commercial, and consumer markets. The Company is also the largest wholesale distributor of tools, equipment, and supplies for the tire, wheel, and undervehicle service industry in the United States. Myers encompasses 25 manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe, 42 domestic and five international distribution branches, more than 20,000 products, and more than 4,100 employees.
      In-House Production Capabilities:
      Mixing      Calendering      Slit

      Mixing specialty formulas

      Calendering to precise thickness

      Finished product slit to your requirements




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